Hey TurtleRock!

Big fan of the game, been playing since day 1. I actually need Leaderboard support but wasn’t sure where to post.

About a week or two in the stats got reset but no big deal. Been smooth sailing since then, but I found after gaming with some U.K. friends this weekend (maybe cross region gaming can effect things?) that my Hyde, Griffin, Crow & Cabot player had all basically been reset. I’m a big Hyde/Crow guy so that blows.

But I think I remember reading that often this data will come back? If so did I need to report it here or do I need to play a couple games and wait for the server to refresh?

Appreciate your time on this topic, all the best.



Does anyone know who I should tweet, write or call regarding a reset issue? Haven’t had one since early weeks, haven’t played since it happened so a public match may bring the data back or is that false?

Thanks for any advice


Have you submitted a ticket to 2K Support yet? Http://support.2k.com


I haven’t Jess, but will now! Thanks for the direction!