Bug - Stuck in Behemoth Tongue Grab Animation [VIDEO]


The bug appears 10 seconds in. I attempted to use tongue grab on an airborne hunter but got stuck in the animation, and I was unable to do anything except slowly slide around the map.

The hunters were still free to move about so I ended up surrendering the win to them.


Damn that sucks, reminds me of the Wraith stuck in abduction bug. Using ‘Take a break’ might be able to fix it.


What happened to Hank at the 2:40 mark? He wanted to Evolve it looks like. Sad to see you had to be mercy killed but it was really cool being able to see Behemoth’s back split open in full like that! Too bad we didn’t get to see his frozen open maw face!


That’s the targeting mechanism for the tongue grab. It makes the target all bubbly.


Take a Break is sort of a go-to fix. It does fix a of things.


I had the EXACT same thing happen earlier and made a video of it as well:


…You can see his ribs buried in his insides… :frowning: