[BUG] Some skins showing up erroneously as free in store, become unbuyable

So I got into the store to browse for new items and I saw that for the trapper the individual Victory skins and the purple ones I can’t remember show up as Free.

But when I select any of them to make a "free"purchase, the system shows an error. What’s all this?

Can it be that everything is free? :smiley:

Well, if it shows as free in the store but you can’t get it, it’s no good.

I also saw some of the Monarch (yellow?) skins for Assaults show as Free as well. Anyone?

Even the skins are clickbait


I saw free in the title and perked up like a meerkat seeing a lion.


were you able to use the skins after you got them?

They don’t show up as free on PC.

So I assume it’s only an error, they’ll rectify it eventually and we can go back to paying for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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check the store on pc

i am disappoint.

As am I. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah well. I’ll just keep swagging up my Scout, then.

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Mrw they really aren’t free.

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Let me clarify this: I didn’t get them. As the pic shows, they showed with a price of “Free”. But I couldn’t “purchase” them for this price of “Free”, due to an error message.

If they were a free giveaway, they would appear directly as selectable in character customization. Which is not the case.

I’m sorry to have made you thought this was a way to get free skins, but I think that between my explanation of the issue and the “Bug” label I had made it clear that it was a system error.

I summon @shaners so the issue is looked into. As for providing more info, IIRC this happens after the store fix to prices being different than in Steam, while for reasons related to content region I also have to bring in the fact that I’m in Argentina (and that I use a DNS service called Unblock US that lets me change Netflix regions but it doesn’t affect Steam, nor I would want it too).

It was just a simple question. I was not trying to cheat the system for free skins, but simply curious if the error allowed you to use them or not. There was really no need for the snarkiness in your reply.

Didn’t mean to be snarky, sorry if it came out like that, I just realized my post wasn’t clear and that actually it could attract readers looking to get free skins, so I made it clear.

The lack of an official response sure worries me by now.

[Update] The issue seems to be fixed at least for now, the skins are shown at a price of 1.99. I don’t know what happened, it’s weird that it didn’t happen to anyone else, if it was a store issue.

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