Bug since update, transparent monsters


During charge and some other abilities goliath glows white, and in general during movement he looks like he’s shrouded in smoke.

Game crashed and I haven’t experimented much with skins to see if the skin is the issue, but this was with Goliath’s voodoo skin.


He looks badass like this.
Anyway, I haven’t experienced any visual bug except the paper/invisible hunters, but this one might have a connection with what I’ve got.


Your image doesn’t load for me, but does it look something like this?

It just happened to me.


It’s more than that. I am unable to play monsters at all. Black screen but still able to move in most cases.



We’re seeing this right now from a lot of users. We’re hearing the textures should compile after a few rounds but we’re talking with live ops right now to see what is going on.

Thanks for the report.


My game seems to work now. Although when a match ends my game freezes for whatever reason.