[BUG REPORT] Wraith Issues In Co Op



Good to see new monsters in Co Op, but Wraith seems to be a bit buggy. In couple of matches I encountered 3 bugs:

  1. Wraith icon & image doesn’t appear with hunters and on VS screen. Just his name.
  2. Game showed Goliath as monster but in the actual match it was Wraith.
  3. Sometimes Wraith gets stuck and can’t move after Dome finished.


its the same with goliath… when dome comes down, he doesnt move anymore. easy kill :stuck_out_tongue:


Also Wraith spawn at the drop point sometimes, or extremely close to it.


Goliath does have tendency to get stuck, from time to time.


Yup, I get these too. One weird thing that I didn’t manage to get photo evidence of is one time, when we were fighting a Wraith in coop and it was running away, it glitched and turned into a Goliath for a split second before it vanished into thin air (Wraith popped back up where it was, and it fled.)


turning into another monster? sounds nice xD