Bug Report; lost leaderboard stats (not progress)


For the devs; I just figured I’d report the circumstances under which this happened to assist with any trouble-shooting.

SYSTEM; Xbox One
Issue; leader-board rankings gone

My leader board rankings (130 or so overall, #6 bucket, #120 Parnell) partially disappeared last night. I went from a few hundred games played, down to 75 or so. I do still have all progress (LVL40) perks etc… just the leader-board data was corrupted. ( @SlinkyGuy - it really kinda sucked… I was closing in top 5 globle for bucket… oh well)

The only thing that was different from any other time I have been playing is that we were in a custom match with 5 players. Normally I play PUGS or with 1-2 friends. I have no idea if that has anything to do with it, but as a programmer I know it’s hard to find bugs without knowing where to look for potential causes.

I am not entirely sure at which point they went, as I don’t check after every game lol… but at some point between when I started playing custom matches with 4 others.

Oh and also during that period one of the players in the group had his entire progress reset (LVL 33 down to 1)… sucked more for him than me. I almost just want to put the game down and wait for a fix. It would suck if I had all my shit reset like others have…

I don’t know if it means anything or helps, but I have video of progression/leaderboards from a few days ago (when I was 16th globalb Bucket). I assume there’s little that can be done at this point…

Anyway, if U have any questions on the details, let me know ( @MacMan )