Bug or what?


So i pre-ordered the PC Monster Race and i don’t see any skins in the customization menu, won’t even let me click it. Is it a bug?


Should’ve mentioned… for PC


I’m assuming you’re talking about not being able to see the skins when playing the monster
If so I would definitely say it’s a bug, I preorder monster race and I can use the magma and savage skins
If you mean you can only see some of the skins it’s because not all of them are out yet, for whatever reason

Also you don’t need to mention you bought PC monster race for the PC :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah sorry kinda tired lol

and what i meant is that i can’t choose them in the customization menu at all. The menu is greyed out.


Check your DLC in steam, If you’re not using the beta client, just right click evolve in the game library and then properties and check the DLC tab. It will say what DLC you have. For me (I also have the monster race)) it shows the season pass, monster expansion pack and savage goliath skin. If it says not installed, check the box to install it.