Bug or Design Decision?


In an older update, Kraken used to slow down slightly when strafing side to side:

In this update, Kraken changes speeds instantly when strafing side to side:

Was this something that was changed as a design decision or is it a bug?


I’d say this is a design choice to make his flight more maneuverable and less floaty but that’s just me.


Yeah, I think it was done on purpose. The original intent was probably to make it more combat friendly, as to avoid instant zigzag to dodge shots.
(Like as an example, old source games where the enemy can mash spacebar and crouch to make their head incredibly hard to hit)

However, even though that is annoying, what is even more annoying is inconsistent movement, which is why I think it was removed.
Acceleration should never be attempted to be simulated on the player character itself unless your intention was “Euro Bambi On Ice Simulator 201X” because even though it’s to simulate real life, we do it automatically. It’s not like when you move through a crowd and you have to be vary so you don’t have to suddenly lean to the right to avoid sliding to the left.


Believe it or not: I’ve seen players in Evolve do that: Jump and move left and right while shooting and standing on one place. Like the Kraken can headshot you or something.