Bug on startup?

Hi, after beheamoth came out i have this bug, didn’t have it before… I can’t seem to run the game at first, it gets stuck on the first screen (the footprint) and won’t go on. The application is responding so it’s not a crash. Then I close it , open it again an it’s all good. Nothing serious but a little anoying and was wondering is anyone else experiencing the same?
Sorry for my bad English if I f***** something up :slight_smile:

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Do me a favor and try this topic. Just go down the list and attempt each fix. It’s the best way to narrow things down.

Thanks for the reply but in this case I think it’s easier just to run it twice… :smiley:
It’s a small problem and it’s not worth narrowing it down… Just hoped someone had the same issue so i could get a quick fix :slight_smile: