[Bug?] Mystery Trapper. With minigun!


I was playing a match, and about half way through we nearly all got killed. Our trapper unfortunately perished and disconnected. Then another player joined us, however something was a little off. Firstly Daisy was frozen in place where her owner died. Completely still for the rest of the match.

Secondly when the replacement trapper dropped in. We were surprised to see that we were joined by something reminiscent of a survivor. Only with a massive minigun, a blue nametag and matching badge. The minigun was fully functioning, did good damage too.

Important to note that the game was warning us about bad connections, and the gameplay might have been affected.

I managed to snap a few pictures, have a look.


The Trapper dropped in as an Ebonstar soldier. This is a known bug the devs are currently looking into. :smile:


Alrighty. Thank you for letting me know. (:


No problem.


I thought i was the only one hahahaha it was a crazy thing at the time. I got hank exp and unlocked bucket again afterwards.


Yeah a lot of people have experienced this. I’m lucky enough not to have experienced any game breaking bugs so far.

@TonichTavern I would say if you encounter any bugs then check to see if there is an existing topic for it. Helps keep the forums tidy and less confusing. :smile:


Yeah, I probably should have searched. But at the time I was unaware of specific name for the bug. So I didn’t know what to search for. Sorry!


It’s fine. :smile:
As long as you reported the bug there’s no need to worry.