Bug -- monster trapped in building, I have a clip of the event



as you can see the monster falls the the map and is stuck when i pull him off the wall with griffens poon.


I watched this like 10 times and I’m not seeing it? I see fissure > roll to under Griffin > clip ends


i fixxed it you should see it now


I accidently uploaded a shoertened clip of the event, i fixxed it so now you can see the full 30 seconds


Haha lawl! you Trapped a Behemoth :slight_smile:


Hah, what a crappy situation. I don’t think many people are playing Griffin at the moment, but I wonder how common this could be with Behemoth in the end?


Yeah, that was bologna.

There is an actual room in there, with semi complete textures and everything, I could climb the walls up to the ceiling, but not get out.

I could hit you with rockwall and nothing else.

We had a good second game though.


was that you i was playing that game? haha it was, small word…


Do you not see the username.

It was all going so well for me, until I got totally trapped in there. Also, that shield drone was the worst thing ever.