[Bug] Invisible Monster with AI still on the field


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Joined a game right as it was starting on Dam. The first images are me as an invisible monster with extremely low hp. I was unable to Jump/Climb, and could only smell. AI Goliath was still on the field wrecking havoc (he even downed some people at stage 1 lol). I was eventually killed, and allowed to jump in as Goliath. I had no hud, but could still use my smell ability.

Interesting notes: Was apparently 760m away from the Megamouth when the hunters killed it. Was confined in the dome. Took damage, but seemed to be reduced. Was in first person (or so I assume) the entire time as the invisible monster.


Ye i got same bug. AI took wraith and fight… after hunters kill him in ± 3 minutes(they were good) game didn’t end. Fortunately i could scare birds so i was doing it around hunters… after moment they get a point(hope you understand this sentence) and shot on the place where i was… dead in 1 hit and game was finished. After game in performance i got 30.000dmg on decoy and 37.000dmg on supernova… It doesn’t help me because i had this 2 skills already up on 1 star.


I had exactly the same bug on Dam as the Kraken. Interesting enough harpoons traps still worked on me and the birds too. I have some screenshots. I’ll upload them later.
Edit: Screenshots:


we had the same bug with a kraken ai