BUG: Inability to climb as Behemoth


Hello TRS,

I thought I would share this issue my friends and I had encountered the other night on Distillery. I was playing Behemoth on the Distillery and was at stage 3. I was engaging the hunters around the ship on the landing pad at the power relay. Here are the steps:

  1. Move Behemoth to the top of the Ship.
  2. Go towards the edge of the ship cockpit.
  3. While Behemoth is rolling into a ball and swinging out with a heavy attach throw a stasis grenade at him from Abe.
  4. Notice that behemoth will temporarily freeze during his fall animation. I was fixed in the air for a few seconds.
  5. After finally landing on the group I was unable to climb any surface. I could still move and use abilities, climbing however, would not work.

I was engaging a hunter on top of the ship at the time and it is entirely possible some other factor was contributing, but it was not a connection issue and I have only recounted the steps of which I saw the bug occur. I hope that helps. Abe was the only one left at the time and I couldn’t kill him because of this bug so I lost :frowning: sad times.


Interesting we have not seen this happen but we can take a look.


Here is a video of behemoth getting stuck/being unable to climb. I think they are related. I had a bug where my behemoth seemed to increase in size and couldn’t fit through stuff he normally fit through. This also made me unable to climb since I couldn’t get close enough to the cliff.


It is funny you mention the size issue. Because I remember trying to get to Abe after this occurred and for some reason I could not fit between a tree and the plateau to the right of the Power Relay on Distillery after this occurred. It is possible my collision box was increased in size.


Take these behemoth glitches with you:

Randomly falling down while climbing due to the pinky finger touching a tree. Sometimes not being able to climb at all for several seconds for no reason.

If you try to sneak attack too fast after climbing up and generally missing it I will freeze in the animation for 5 seconds.

Orbital Drill nothern megamouth. Behemoth has no way of going around that megamouth. Nothing to climb, the sides too small. I had to kill it at that time because it refused to move. Weather control pillars are highly iffy to climb aswell.