Bug in the Evolve Companion App - Badges don't transfer to Main Game - PC


I decided to wait a bit before posting this bug and not sure if it on Evolve PC game side or the App side but none of my earned badges from the mobile app have carried over. The mastery unlocks have carried over just fine.

I thought I wait a few days after launch to see if the system is backlog but it still hasn’t shown up. So far I have Hyde with his werewolf badge and about to get a lot of other hunters to 30.

Is this a known issue or am I just unlucky? Also does it show like “Achieved” like it does for the mastery when you unlock them.

If I need to post more info, let me know.

*Things I tried

  1. Signing out and back into my 2k account on my mobile phone
  2. Doing more stages to see if it needs a trigger
  3. Double check all the mastery pages and replies to see if the Phone is still insync with recent games I was in on the PC.


Same here, I believe it’s linked to the current 2k server issue. So hopefully we will see a resolution soon!