Bug in broken hills foundry

I had a drop ship drop off my medic. All indications were that he was alive, it showed on the bottomedt of the screen as well.
And I couldn’t find him. So I hot swapped into Lazarus to find him stuck above the map on an invisible floor. No matter what I did I couldn’t get him to fall into the game.

I don’t know of it matters but it happened when the monster hit stage 3 and we were defending the power source.

The place lazurus got stuck was above the building with the power source in it

I had this too, but I was the monster! It was so obnoxious because I couldn’t kill him! He was too high for me to rock throw but I couldn’t kill the power relay because he was at the perfect angle to just shoot me off of it!

It took me forever to find him. I recorded a video of it. I’ll see if I can upload it or post a screenshot.

I killed every hunter except him multiple times and he finally backed off and let me destroy the power relay. Goodness gracious it was annoying. Way worse than The Dam exploit because at least your rocks can still hit them.

We’re looking into this one if you have video or Sceenshots and any other info that would be great so we can get this fixed.

Sorry the video quality isn’t fantastic. I’m on xbox and wasn’t broadcasting so I could only get the last 5 minutes of the match but you can still see it.

At 0:40-0:44 Slim is the tiny dot out in the sky that I’m throwing the rock at (and get nowhere close).

Before this I had some better footage where I was right under him but wasn’t able to get it.


I couldn’t upload the video but hopefully that link works

It does not.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can change it.

I changed the link to youtube. It should work now.

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