[BUG] Hunters can't run


I’ve noticed on the last few days playing in PS4 that we have this annoying bug wich the hunter is almost incapable of running as usual. There was no problem with the connection whatsoever. Me and my teammate had this issue yesterday for 3 matches straight. My teammate was only able to run “normaly” by using super soldier ability. Since I was playing with Cabot, I was depending on Caira to run properly.

Anyone else?


Can someone look into this? Please?



The only bug I have had is being frozen only able to jump but not move


This bug is really annoying. I can’t play the game if I can’t run properly. The game is all about chasing and hunting.

Please, take a look into it.


This bug is ruining the game for me, I can’t play anymore… I’m about to give up.
It doesn’t matter If I’m playing solo or online, this occurs every time.
Please, can someone look into it or at least give some direction of what is going on?

@MajorLeeHyper, @MrStrategio, @trsbrock, @Gertz


Check Options>Gameplay and see if Automatic Sprint is set to off. If it is, you can either turn it back on to always run, or press in on the movement thumb stick to sprint.


Check if you’re not Zooming.
Some weapons barely make any difference while zoomed or not and you might forget you toggled it.


It was the first move I’ve made when the bug showed off. It is set to on, default controls.


No, I’m not.


If we could reproduce the issue we could probably find a resolution easily. Going off what’s currently in this thread, I have no idea what caused it.

Was it working for a while then all of a sudden you couldn’t run any more?
Do you remember what caused it?
Was there any update to your PS4?

Perhaps other people have encountered this and wouldn’t mind posting about their cases. Gonna need some details about what happened here.


I’ll make some footage today and will update the thread tomorrow with more information.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness. The fail levels are real. You were zoomed in dude. Certain characters, like Parnell with his shotgun or bucket and sunny with their weapons are difficult to tell when zoomed in. Gg m8. Cheers.