BUG_Gorgon can't pounce attack from walls


I’ve played a few matches as Gorgon since the last update, and I can’t seem to pounce any of the hunters while sticking to walls. I’ll lunge at them and land, but the pounce animation/damage doesn’t take place. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the smack-dab center of my aim, it’s like I just dropped harmlessly atop them. Anyone else having this issue?


Yeah agree with you mate haven’t seen any of that damage going off I always loved that but now its as harmless as a fly. Hoping this is a bug and not a rework to Gorgon.



I can confirm this from testing.
Go into a custom game, and try to wall pounce on both critters and ai hunters.

If you have good aim you’ll notice that you’re acutally pushing the models around when you land, so you are definitely hitting dead center, but no damage and no pounce is done.

There are 2 real issues here: 1 I can’t find anything saying that they removed this ability, so it may be a bug. And 2 if it was an intended nerf, they need to remove the indicators, because currently looks like it should work which is extremely confusing.

[edit] Just read the other post, seems they’re aware of the issue and will be deploying a patch soon to fix it.