Bug/Glitch/Hack reporting


I just witnessed a possible hack on Live with 2 monsters in one match. This was done over and over not just a one-off thing. Is there an email in which I can report their Steam ID’s? Both players are currently online as I am writing this post.


This is a bug, and a very fun one at that.

However, to get it over and over in multiple rounds is… Strange.

Edit: It’s POSSIBLE that they SOMEHOW discovered how to replicate this bug, and use it over and over as an exploit? I don’t know…


How about, you add them on your friends list and enjoy numerous matches of dual monster fun :wink:


Here is what happens:

  • one of them is the monster, the other is a hunter
  • the timer counts down to start the match, but you never see their selection
  • the match starts and it shows the monster vs the hunters images
  • one of the hunters is a bot name (maggie for example) even though one of them selected that hunter
  • the match starts and they are both monsters


So who of the two Monsters wins then at the end let’s say the Monster side wins? I presume whoever choose Monster in the first place, would it then not make more sense that whoever is the second monster simply leaves the match or does that leave the game with a second AI monster? (very fascinating though)


Yeah, this has happened to me before.

I was once a Goliath player, with another Goliath player following behind me.We destroyed the hunters at S1. It’s cool, but I can see it getting annoying.


This was the first time I’ve seen this. I guess it is good to know they are aware of the issue.


All of the matches were in the Defend game mode. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.


You can PM MrStrategio along with any video proof if you have it.