[BUG] | Bot Monsters Spawn with Hunters on Defend

I have noticed that every time the monster is a bot on Defend it spawns where the hunters spawn at the same time, immediately attacking the turrets.

I assume this is a bug as the player-controlled monsters always spawn where the minions spawn, but this doesn’t happen with a bot monster.

No idea if this is on all platforms, but I play on the Xbox One and I’ve encountered this over the past 3-4 days on Skirmish.

Edit: If people could tag in some Devs that’d be great. Also just happened the same again with Wraith

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Guessing no one cares then :anguished:

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I’ve noticed it too.

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It’s not that bad but it’s just annoying how you don’t have time to set up properly

Behemoth is the worst. Not even past the 6 minute mark and he’s already on the relay.

That bug is so old and nobody cares -.-

Yea, I was against a player-controlled Behemoth on Defend and he just kept camping far away and spamming Lava Bomb’s at the Generators. If anyone got close to him he trapped them with a Rock Wall and just Sneak Pounce the. If they got shot off he’d fissure them and they’d die.