Bug - Behemoth Randomly Unable to Feed


My last round as Behemoth, it was a Defend map - Salveron Industries - and when I withdrew from combat at the third and final generator to rebuild my armour I discovered I was no longer able to feed. Hitting the Feed key simply wouldn’t do anything when I was beside a corpse. I was not being fired upon (I’d pulled out of sight and behind cover, and the enemy team’s Support was Hank, not Cabot, so I could not have been being hit by the rail cannon without noticing). I tried killing another few animals and attempting to eat them, but the problem persisted. After losing a full minute of gameplay to this issue I had no choice but to return to the fight without armour as the clock ticked down - and was, of course, crushed with ease.

Only my third use of Behemoth and haven’t seen this problem before. Have not seen the problem before with other Monsters either; don’t know if that’s relevant.


Ah, ive hit this bug before, just let a bot take over then retake control, you’ll be able to eat after taking control back