(Bug) All hunters on dropship (No, no Daisy)


So, uhm. Yeah. Aside from Keith being awesome, this kinda shouldn’t happen :smile:

No hacks, just timing - he died (with two strikes, so immediate dropship target) after we spawned, but at the perfect time (between 00:00 for dropship and -00:01 I’m guessing) that the game put him on the dropship right after us (notice him coming in a moment later).

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most mlg moment in gaming right here.


You don’t even realise the fact that he single-handledly carried that entire game. Me on Laz slacking hard, being tired and dying for stupid reasons, Cabot and Torvald allowing the monster to eat the Health Regen after we camped out on it to protect it and pubVald doing so little that Keith did 20k+ damage.

And at the end of it, he survives until the timer ticks out, shows up a second late on the dropship, fixes his hair, puts his hat on and carries on with his day. #JustGriffinThings?

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I’ve done that before. Was assault, died mid-air as the respawn timer reached 0. I was able to spawn with everyone else. I think we ended up winning too.