Bug abduction wraith

Everything is in the title, some times, my abduction get stuck. What i mean by that is that it’s just like i’m holding the key but i’m not, i get in pose to strike but nothing happen…after like ~15 secs blocked the abduction get cancelled automatically. It’s really anoying when you are in a fight and…suprise ! It’s like i’m posing for a photographe while hunters shoot at me freely…And i just cannot use the abduction until next stage because of that. If i get this glitch at stage 3 i’m fucked because i just cant use it anymore…And i noticed other glitch too, rarely, when i evolve (as a wraith) i have an issue with armor and health life bars…the armor bar get empty but do not get bigger and my hp bar get stuck at the same lvl of my last stage. But when i eat wildlife, i can’t see my armor bar getting full…one of my friend told me that he saw my armor bar full, but on my screen it was empty…and idem for the hp bar, when they shoot at me i dont see any damage on the hp bar on my screen…but the bars glitch is pretty rare. The abduction glitch is pretty often tho…any idea ?

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