Bug/ a thank you to some great hunters


So wasn’t sure where to put this but had a strange result in a dome the other day.
Playing as usual on weather control as meaty and got a dome at the caves on the left from starting point. The hunters were good but 2 for themselves in a nice little spot between the dome wall and the rocks just outside the cave so I decided to take them out as there was no escape but as I charged in, I got stuck.
Like really stuck I could spin on the spot but not move, traverse or attack except fire breath. Now this is where I say these guys where great I hit chat and told them what had happened and they stopped.
Assault gave a little hit to drop timer and they asked just to head to relay and let me get armor back up since I had been trapped like that.
They won in the end but had to say thank you and ask if this has happened to anyone else? The getting g stuck part


Among the negativity that the speed bug’s generated and (until recently) the hacking issue, it’s great to read stories like this. Have had something very similar happen to me as monster and the hunters restarted for me; a match I would’ve won but (convincingly, I think!) threw as a thank you :slight_smile:

Just because a screen and a million miles stand between you, it doesn’t make poor sportsmanship any less lousy.


Yeah that’s why I posted it I don’t come across players like that often but when it happens it’s great .
Shows some like the game more than just winning from any possible way.