Bug 2.07 (Behemoth Fissure Bug?)


Part of a small cluster of bugs.

-Behemoth. (I know, I know, he’s being reworked, but even so, there are some very odd… bugs? Unless this is intentional.) For some reason when I use fissure at the moment it is only a single line, directly out in front of Behemoth. Much, much, much thinner than it used to be. Not sure if that’s supposed to be how it is. Intentional?

Edit: Visual bug only, seems to carry same spread pattern, just invisible. Sorry, Hunters!


You are wise and answer your own question. From what people have noticed, its just a visual flaw.


You know, I was just testing it more and realized that it was only visual. Thanks for verifying that I wasn’t losing my mind though! :slight_smile: