Buffs are still too powerful and easy to get


i hardly see a difference on killing the buffs and they are still way too strong. strong buffs need more nerfs!! fe CDR, DMG … and a map without any buffs would be nice too (i’m not talking about costume matches)


The thing about the buffs that I hate is that they arent all random, so these nerd monster players with 2 monitors play with defendtherelay.com up on another screen which shows static buffs, unlike the real pro gamers who just memorize which takes a lot longer


I feel special now. :heartpulse:


Wouldnt the nerds in this situation be the ones that spent all that time to memorize something in a videogame?


I know all the spots on all the maps except the new ones am I cool?


No, those things come to you by playing a long time people dont just set out to Memorize every buff on every map, hence the website

I jsut felt like you shouldnt have that much control over it like I should be able to get health regen from a poison monster, and a tyrant could give you movement speed but RANDOM


Nooo… You want buffs to get another nerf? Nope, it ain’t gonna happen.


yes I DO!!! because its no fun to play with/against buff addicted people…


I don’t normally grab the CDR or Damage in pub matches as most of the time I just don’t need them. I haven’t noticed the differences when fighting the monsters however. Often times you can just deny them the perks.


Probably not another nerf but I do think there will be another change.


Okay, it ain’t fun then. The buffs are meant to give an edge to the side that gets it. They nerf those buffs again and watch how many people will rage.


One of the things I wanted to achieve with the DTR site was to help boost game knowledge to the masses to up the overall skill level of the game.

Now, keep in mind it was inevitable that someone would release a buff location feature on a site for everyone to look at - I just did it first for reasons to try to start developing a brand.

I do agree that it really started forcing players into rushing buffs to gain that 5 minute advantage to win games quickly… it also pointed out a lot of problems with the game that needed to be addressed.

I think for TRS, they have to walk a really tight line with the buffs in the game currently, because some players really do find playing with buffs fun - or they enjoy the potential for a come back.

If you take that away from those people, they would become hostile that something they loved was nerfed.

Buffs were just nerfed/adjusted last patch, and it was a great step in the right direction - one that I hope we see continued to be adjusted at a rate that is comfortable for everyone. Balancing a game takes time and patience.

Overall, with balancing anything in the game - I’m of the mindset that starting overly strong and then tuning it down progressively to something realistic is the way to go. This way you can get the information on why it’s so strong quickly because everyone is playing and using it, and you can take it down with each iteration to a good balanced state.

Where if something is not strong at all, nobody plays/uses it ever (Bucket, Val)


I disagree. If buffs got nerfed anymore they wouldn’t be buffs. For example take CDR for the monster. Passive is 20% wildlife is 35%. If it got nerfed anymore it would just be the same as the passive, making it pointless bc it doesn’t stack. Also albinos are harder to kill. Lvl 3 decoy used to be able to kill any wildlife. Now sloths, tyrants, and nomads survive with about 20%-1/3rd of their health left. The only thing I could see TRS changing is notifying both teams when albinos spawn in to give both teams a fair chance.


I think they should disappear once two hunters have picked up the same perk, same as how it disappears once the monster has devoured the animal. Would bring in more tactics and ACTUALLY deny the monster buffs.


I don’t see why that’s a bad thing. Make buffs the same strength as perks and keep the non-stacking behavior. I think that’s about as good as we can hope for as far as keeping the game fun and competitive as long as just flat removing the buffs isn’t an option.

Giving the hunters an easy way to deny would also go a long way toward improving my opinion of them.


just delete them completly pls


Then they’re not buffs. Imagine if an assault who has damage bonus sees an albino sloth. He is not gonna help kill it because it does him no good. No one would grab buffs they already have and I guarantee all players would take CDR or health regen since they would become the only viable perks long term.


i wouldn’t have a problem with buffs when they were TOALLY random… location& animal, spawn time DURING a match,(hunters should deny buffs too), maybe it would be also good when every player could just take 2 or even 1 buff(main buff like cdr, dmg) in a game… and harder to kill. i talked with a lot monster player about buffs and most of them said its not hard to kill an elite. oc you wouldnt do it when u are stage one and not a good monster player or against a very good hunter team… but its still not risky.


Of course they’re still buffs. If you take the damage bonus perk, then find the damage resistance armadon, you now get a buff! It would make one buff out of the entire menagerie of them useless to a single player for a single game. That hardly stops them from being buffs.

And then, your argument is that a hunter player would choose to not help his team because he would not personally get any benefit out of it? That seems misguided, at best. I help my team kill buffs that I don’t intend on grabbing ALL THE TIME. Why? Because it helps us win. Better we kill it now than leave it sitting around for the monster to grab at stage 3.

As to everybody always choosing certain perks, I don’t see how that potential eventuality has anything to do with wildlife buffs.


10% here and there hardly makes if feel important or impactful. The whole point of the buffs is to provide a team a specific advantage to come back. The problem isn’t the buffs, it’s how finding and denying them aren’t the same between the hunters and monster.