Buffing our leader


I feel cabot needs a slight buff back to his railgun seeing as on damage statistic’s hes below the trappers hes a support ment on adding damage to the monster, i aint saying bring him back to were he was before but a tiny damage buff like 5-10% wouldnt be anything crazy just to keep him close to bucket and hank,before anyway the only time i found Cabot really OP was landing headshots it did around 1000damage not easy to land but crazy i feel if his headshot damage got nerfs that would be fine, thats my opinion just to get people back to choosing cabot


Yes, but he is on his rail cannon most of the time, unlike the trappers.
He still deal massive amounts of damage, so he do not need a buff.


I agree with this. Cabot feels fine, and his DMG is okay.


The chart doesn’t include his dmg amp so he’s actually doing more dmg than you think also you don’t get weakspot multipliers(not sure about ones created by other hunters though) with the railgun so that op dmg you’re on about was actually just his normal dmg, Cabot is completely viable and doesn’t need buffing however right now there’s not much reason to use him over Sunny so until she’s nerfed again you won’t see him much.


I’ve been playing Cabot recently and I don’t think he needs a buff. The Railgun was always intended to be a chase mechanic to perpetually damage the Monster’s armor as it runs, and to force it off of food behind corners. In long games against something like a Behemoth that runs away a lot, I usually do around 15k Rail damage.

All hail the jump height perk on Cabot though. Surprisingly strong.


What MHRathian said, the damage charts don’t account for Cabots damage amp. Cabot relies on his team for his fully damage potential, if you have a good Cabot paired with a good Parnell or Torvald, monsters can’t stand still long. A good Cabot with pop the amp right at key moments, like when the monsters running into arc mines, the Rail Cannon isn’t his primary damage dealing ability. The amp is crazy burst damage.


i think cabot is fine… his role is to chase the monster down and keep stopping it from feeding, therefore i take jetpack perk for him, dmg amp does enough dmg.




he needs an amp buff

like 10 meters more range

his kit is build on range while the amps range is pretty low


This is basically what is being said.

I didn’t know he did less damage than trapper. I thought he did about 250 damage per shot which equals 1k if you get 4 shots done.


He does far more damage than any Trapper except Abe in terms of raw DPS, and Abe does better than some Assaults in that regard. Railcannon is fine. Dust is a real issue.


He actually can hit headshots. I think you’re remembering he can’t trigger weakpoints. Small diffewrence but it matters.