Buff Values Reverted? (solved, Micropatch was not installed)


I don’t know if this is just a visual bug or if it is actually affecting it like it says but I’m getting old value notifications on the Damage Resist/Extra Damage and Cooldown buffs instead of the more balanced values, at least in solo mode. Going to try online play now.


Possibly you haven’t downloaded the patch yet?

What system are you on?


I’m on PC. I have to have downloaded it because before today the buff values were what they were supposed to be: 25%.

Heck, I’m playing right now with people.


I think- think, mind you- it’s just a visual thing. I’ve noticed nothing wrong with the power of the buffs myself.


Hmm… it seems to not be happening anymore, at least online (which is where it counts). Perhaps I played those matches without pressing multiplayer first and thus didn’t get the changes in.

Just played several matches where all values were as they should be.


The Balance changes are installed via the Micropatch, and a New micropatch must be downloaded in addition to each Hotfix on PC. To download the Micropatch, Select Multiplayer from the Main Menu. Once you are on the Multiplayer menu the Micropatch is installed. You will then have all of the listed balance changes applied in game as well as all changes from previous micropatches that were not changed in the new ones.

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If you pressed solo the first time you opened the game you would have the old values.In multiplayer tho its always the correct numbers.

PS.If you have the normal values in Multiplayer but the wrong ones in Solo do a verify of the files in steam and it will be fixed