Buff the monsters!


I don’t know where to start…

When the game ( not the beta ) was released, everything was fine, the hunters, the monsters ( except for the wraith who was a little speed OP but that was manageable ) the jetpacks, the wildlife… everything was ok and i enjoyed playing the game as the monster and as a member of the hunting team. But then… What have you done turtle rock?

Since the first DLC came out IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to win a game as the monster ( especially with the Goliath ) or be a nolife level skilled player with a great amount of luck + play against a retarded hunting team with zero coordination.

I every random game i play against the Goliath, the monster gets basically raped in 6 minutes or less ! No matter if my random team has zero coordination or if we are retarded, there is nothing the monster can do even in stage 3. This is not normal, the hunting team should at least need some minimal coordination to compete against the monster and some basic skills to have some advantage, but at this point, NO. Every foolish noskill team can destroy the Goliath in no time even against a skilled player because this monster lacks pretty much everything it needs to have:

  • Strength; Goliath is a melee fighter, when he hits he should deal some decent damage which actually he lacks a lot.
  • Speed: Goliath is too slow, is is too damn easy to chase him, once he is spotted ( worse case scenario: tracked by Abe ) he is pretty much dead.

Kraken is pretty much ok, Wraith is now an EZ kill, I don’t know for Behemoth since i never played against it but i look at this monster as a sitting duck ( hope i’m wrong ).

please Turtle Rock, buff Goliath and Kraken a little bit or nerf some hunters ( Abe, Sunny for ex.) a little bit because if this continues less and less people will play the monsters. Nobody likes to play sitting ducks.


Who is Sally?


It doesnt matter who she is…she’s OP



I was just kidding :wink:



What a creepy GIF to use haha



You meant Sunny…not sure why I didn’t catch that.


Yes, I meant Sunny, don’t know why i keep calling her Sally :sleeping:


No problem, I feel dumb for not catching it right away.


No problem :slight_smile:

I just played 4 games in a row, 3 against Goliath and 1 as Goliath. 3 Times we totally destroyed him and 1 time i managed to make the game last 17min before getting destroyed at stage 3…

This monster does not have any advantage right now, I’m so pissed because i liked to play it or against it.

Played against Behemoth, It’s a piece of cake, but i feel that it’s because it’s new and people didn’t figured it out yet.