Buff the healers pls!



The healers are very useless they need a buff for do the hunt more funny if the monster focus him you can´t heal enough, so pls this need a change, I think some options for healers:
-More heal for the type hability
-More heal in general
-More heal for only the medic
-Less damage for healer
-Less time for type hability
-Something that turtle rock invents.
Pls dont let the comment die we need do the community better than sometime ago


Keep playing.


I’m not and I would never imply your not a good player but Great Medics can always keep their team alive.

Also this is why the heal burst recharges quickly. I’ve been able to Heal Burst 2 times incapped so as @KingRadical said “Keep playing” :slight_smile:


No, medics are fine where they are at (I believe Emet needs a healing adjustment). You just need to dodge and mitigate more. After you and your teammates start getting more skilled, medics will be able to heal more.


You know, the free rotation medic this week was Caira, and if anything, she is one of the best surviving medics out there.

Reason for this is because her healing grenades affect herself. Not only that, don’t be afraid to use speed boost when you are being targeted and use it to run around pillars, climb them up, etc…

Val is also great as her tranqs slow the monster, although I prefer to use her with some jetpack and movement perks so she can survive longer.


you know when your team mates are a bit noobs and they cant dodge the
monster i feel so useless, that´s what i mean

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Well I know Emet’s systems need to boot back up and a better efficiency rate! He heals at 180 or something! Just UP


At first I was completely lost with the healers, but the more I’ve played them the more I’m come to appreciate the mechanics involved. I picked up Slim a few days ago and he was fantastic, I enjoyed him more than Caira but I still enjoyed her style, perks help a lot but there’s a lot of good help on the forums for jetpack efficiency and what not!


Totally get you but sadly if that’s the case the loss was earned by the team.

If medics could recover from that consistently- they’d be unstoppable at the top end where teams don’t make such frequent mistakes.


But the solution to that is not to turn Medics into Rambo.