Buff / Nerf situations (mostly regarding hank)


I’m not fond of the buff / nerf that gaming companys push out, now evolve for recent patches I’ve been noticing it more frequently, some of them are probably for the better (I can’t say for sure anymore) lately I’ve been putting alot less hours into the game, the game mechanics in evolve are something I haven’t seen a company successfully do in a very long time & it was time spent well but when adding things like “overpowered map” I begin to question what is going on behind the curtain. Don’t get the wrong idea here, it’s a fun map for testing purposes but many stats negate the other so I don’t see the point of it other than monster/hunters on steroids.

The recent nerfs to Hank makes me wonder if the dev team is looking at all angles & how it effects each role

For example if we take a look at a lesser medic/healer (Rogue Val) in recent threads there were rising concerns of how low her healing output is. Now if we flashback to Hank because of lesser shielding (due to recent nerf) is actually hurting Rogue Val because she wont be able to sustain the healing as long because shielding goes down quicker, keep in mind this is one example of many.

With all these nerfs happening you’re forcing perks on us, then basing those off how “we should” be playing the game. I would agree that Hank is a strong support but that’s the way his kit works, he has 2 shields that alone is strong, if the devs want to weaken it “because high ranked matters” why not just change it to something else more “flexible” so that everyone can be happy.


I think that’s the point of the map lol.


They should simply REMOVE HANK/LAZ/SUNNY Etc anything which has a different playstyle because no matter how many nerfs, the pubbie will still call them OP and ofcourse TRS Will go on and nerf them
If something is so OP just remove it, what’s point having a worthless hunter to pick
They just killed hank last patch
I request them to remove such OP hunters because someone out there will still find him OP


They reduced his shields by one third of a basic light melee. Yes, he is now unusable.


Plays Beta version of a game

I’m not fond of the buff / nerf that gaming companys push out

Really? 0.o You know what a Beta is right?