Buff Monsters on PC, Nerf Monsters on Console!


I make it short: On PC the hunters doing way too high damage, as monster at least Bob you can stay only 5 - 10 seconds in the fight and then the amor is gone.

On console its completely the opposite you can stay 20 - 30 seconds in the fight but this is too long.

It should be in the middle of both.

Easy solution: Nerf the hunter damage on PC but buff the hunter damage on console.


There is no such thing as an “easy solution”

Please, don’t exaggerate.


Okay this count not for Kraken but I dont play Kraken cause he is OP and no fun for the hunters. I played against some Silver Master/Elite. The 5 seconds was for Bob. I dont exaggerate play monster against some high level player on PC you will see they do tone of damage in a short amount of time.

On console you have at least a bit more time as monster but I think there you have too much time as monster even against some Silver Eilte.

For the overall balance not, true! But if you see the hunter damage on console its a joke after you see the damage on PC on the hunter side. Easy solution would be to buff hunter damage on console and nerf damage on PC. Its not that complicated.


I agree!!!


Just wait until the next update.


In all patches I’ve heard this sentence

Don’t wait for the game to fix it self

Any one can suggest/initiate anything they want

Don’t be the like the wall that stop/prevent anyone for saying what he / she wants


I’m not a wall, I’m not stopping anyone from doing anything. O.o


Let’s wait until the next patch … is just like saying shut up . Will see how it goes in the next patch (in a nice way)


No, it’s not, I only said to wait because the update is going to change a lot of things. Stop assuming things, please.


Agree, this is a forum it should be possible to talk about my suggetion without waiting for …

Yes I know but then still hunters on PC doing more damage as on console. This issue will still be present. Hunters on console need a damage bonus to compensate lack of aiming, regardless of the next patch.


You don’t know what the next update holds, do you?


Okay if they really do different balance patches for PC and Console. Then this thread may obsolete but my experience is that they never had done this before. So I have to assum that they dont do it this time again. But maybe this thread can change some things, maybe they will implement different balances if many people like this idea…


Do you say that just because we won 3 times today against you ?

Because our team would like the opposite :slight_smile:
Nerf on PC and buff on console :wink:

But we try to play fairly in ranked (Abe - Bucket - Slim - Blitz Markov )

You know, after you we lose 4 times vs wraith lvl 1 and kraken lvl 1

That s the game :wink:

But I know what you feel, I played on console… and you can’t move and shoot as hunter with the same flexibility with a game controler than keyboard + mouse. Thats why I prefer to play on PC as hunter. I can’t play correctly my Bucket on console :frowning:


I dont know your steam name but maybe you are some of them who wrecked my ass, hard! But was funny at least I got some strikes…

What? You want a hunter damage buff? And a hunter damage nerf on console? What?
I dont get it. Is it not the same what I suggest?

  1. This post is highly exaggerating.

  2. PC and Consoles are not getting separate patches of the game.

  3. Wait for the TU before suggesting such major changes.


is pc really that different I mean based on pc gameplay ive watched it looks roughly the same amount of damage


People highly exaggerate about the damage on PC. Yes the damage is insanely high but I can’t imagine it’s much higher than console.

Most people complaining about PC damage are those that jumped from Consoles to PC and can’t properly adjust.


Its way higher on PC. Please play it. Judge not by gameplay often in those gameplays are bad hunters.

I am on PC and Console. On console its no problem to fight a Silver Elite hunter Team. You can stay in the fight and may get at least one strike.

On PC even the “chip” damage can be one bar. In the fight the hunter damage is way higher than on console.


keyboard + mouse OP :smiley:

But I know what you mean :wink:


Yes of course, cause that on PC it needs a nerf :smiley:

Yes, cause that console need a buff on hunters :smiley:

Yes me tot almost no Kraken!

Thanks now I feel bad :smiley: ! Couldnt get you down with my Bob.