BUFF MAMOTHBIRDS! More viable feeding routes through wildlife health


At the current state (maybe already fixed in the dev build of 9.0?) there is about 1 or 2 feeding routes per map that prove to be way more efficient than others. Most of them have Mamoth Birds, which are fast to kill and provide 3 meats per kill.

Complex ways to provide more feeding routes would be messing around with the spawns or distrubuting the meats per wildlife differently (for example +1 meat for each and +50% more meats required to evolve).

But I just came up with an relatively easy suggestions which contains: A BUFF TO MAMOTHBIRDS!!!

In short, what I have in mind, is making the 3-meat-wildlife harder to kill, while making the 1-meat-wildlife easier to kill.

Examples [Hunter bonus damage in brackets]:

1 Meat - 1 light melee or everything else

  • Reaver: 140 HP [x2]-> 70 HP [x1]
  • Venom Hound: 120 HP [x7] -> 60 HP [x4]

2 Meat - 2 light melee or 1 heavy or 1 ability

  • Strider: 200 HP [x3] -> 150 HP [x2]
  • Blitz Leopard: 400 HP [x3] -> 150 HP [x1]
  • Steamadon: 200 HP [x3] -> 150 HP [x2]

3 Meat - 2 weak abilities or 1 weak ability + 1-2 melee or 1 strong ability or 2 light melee + 1 heavy

  • Cephaladon: 500 HP [x3]-> 470 HP [x3]
  • Mamothbird: 350 HP [x3] -> 470 HP [x4]

  • Buffing Mammoth Birds? You’re going to call the entire community to pull a Julius Caesar on you.

  • While I like the idea I doubt that making an amazing feeding route slightly harder to get food from will discourage Monsters over a less than promising feeding route that is significantly easier.
    I don’t think easy to kill reavers will encourage Monsters to aim for them over hard to kill mammoth birds. The only way I see that becoming viable is if you were to buff reavers to have more meats and nerf mammoth birds to have less. This I do not agree with either.

I think to shake up feeding routes it requires a lot more thought than a simple change like this unfortunately.


Agreed with shredder, I believe there are greater plans on wildlife spawning in the future and I feel anything short of that is going to just be unsatisfactory


The only reason I see this not working, is because there is still another factor to why monsters eat 3 meat meals: less carrion birds.

You need 7 mammoth birds (if I remember right) to get to S2, meaning a guaranteed spawn of 1 carrion birds, apposed to 21 one meat meals that guarantees 3 carrion bird spawns (given not eating in caves).

I feel that monsters would still opt to go the same feeding routes to avoid more birds, and also the buff just doesn’t seem substantial enough. Fire Breath would still kill Mammoth birds right (taking into account residual burn)?

If FB still kills MBs, I would still take the same routes.


I like the idea . Except mammoth bird . Monsters have less advantage . Why make it harder for the monster ?

Draw back Hunters can take away wild life pretty easy if their health went down (blitzleppord - Reaver - venom - Cephaladon) . The wild life may not be threat any more for hunters


A monster that rushes a feeding route mostly does not care about carrion birds. A monster that wants to be undetected will mostly stay away from the common feeding grounds. I see the issue, but I dont think its as big as you think it is.

That’s the thing: If you are only looking at common 1-1-1-0 builds, it 470 health changes the following:

Fire Breath: 666 direct + 340 dot means MB dies in 2 seconds. However, if the Mamoth birds arent that close to oneanother, and you want to spread the fire, 566 + 340 is not enough to kill a mamoth bird.
If at least 1 tick of FB hits both, you can kill 2 mamoth birds with 1 firebreath right now. With higher health, the FB would need to stay on one the entire time to kill it, so only 1 MB per FB, instead of a full herd.

Blue FB: 402 total, does not kill MB

Other abilities that would no longer kill: DI Banshee, Vortex + Snowball, Red Lightning, Abduction, Fissure, Web Snare.
Not to mention other ones that barely make it like Warp Blast or Aftershock.

Hunters gain extra damage on certain Wildlife. Something I mentioned in the OP.

Effectively a Blitz Leopard has 134 health against a Hunter right now. My example would make that 150. With the appropriate damage modifier, you can make them harder to take down for Hunters but easier for Monsters.

Because you can easily buff them somewhere else, like health or damage, in return. Having the majority of the games start with the same route or even without any possible Stage 1 engagements is nothing that I would want to keep in the game though. Even if that means nerfing something already weak.


This isn’t very good reasoning for this change if you ask me.



buffing those could kill the entire galaxy!

  • Just going to ignore your hateful comment, again.

  • Well…

  • For one, that’s my opinion, you cannot disprove an opinion if that opinion is in fact an opinion and not a true or a false statement.

  • Secondly, your post makes no sense. I state that I do not find his reason to be a good reason for this change meanwhile you state that it’s an “important reason”. The words “important” and “good” are in no way alike nor do they mean anything in the same context.
    I stated that I don’t think that nerfing Stage 1 just to allow more diversity is a good thing therefore it is not a good reason for making this change; you stated that nerfing Stage 1 just to allow more diversity is important.



Because TRS wants Evolve to be Hunter favored.


When i read the title i was like: " are you freaking serious??!?!? Who are you? A masochist?" Then i read that it wasn’t about their dmg and other stats but simply meats and i was like: “ah ok”

Edit: now i read the full post


I will straight up MURDILATE YOU with a rabid Goliath if you ever say this again! O.o (kidding, btw! But seriously, that’s evil, man!)

I’m still sour about us losing the Mammoth Bird challenge. I’ve never killed so many of those thunder turkeys in one sitting before (And my record was lofty!) and cried myself to sleep when we lost! (Not really, but it was still sad)

To make them even stronger? It won’t be Monsters we will need to be afraid of… We all will fear them even more! :<


I laughed a bit more than I should of at this, picturing Forum Avatars over faces in a JC painting :stuck_out_tongue:


Mammoth Birds Tier 6 Monster confirmed.


I’m sorry but this is a bad idea. Makeing it harder to get to stage two would destroy any chance monsters have for a fair fight. Right now against a semi competent team a stage one will get murdered 95% of the time. Without a significant boost for monsters at stage one it wouldn’t work. Not to mention, it’s already a bit unfair that hunters can shred any wildlife by looking at them while a monster needs a couple seconds or use abilities just to kill three meats. Add in how much damage a monster receives from them and it would be a fight to even keep full armor for a engagement with hunters.


That may be the case, but the game was not designed to start off with the Hunters feet on the ground and the Monster at Stage 2. It was also not designed to have one predictable route that the Monster went almost all the time.

If by murdered you mean it lost a bit of armor because it jumps around in circles. Whether or not Stage 1 is or isnt too weak to fight the Hunters RIGHT NOW, having 1 feeding route and the Monster hitting Stage 2 before the first 100 seconds passed is not the kind of game that Evolve should be.

There you go, the solution to all of your concerns. Health, amor and damage are all easily adjustable.

Different issue, if an issue at all. Easily solved by reducing the hunter damage modifier.

Mamoth birds deal only damage to the monster when the monster made a mistake. And even than its less then one bar of amor.


Naw if they were to suggest this around the thread then yeah but the way its going they feel to be more of a Benedict Arnold. (still found that funny :joy:) The mammoth birds would technically get them as a sort of creation kills creator sense.


So your encouraging monsters needing to mitigate even more during stage one domes. Yeah you lose one bar or armor if you roll by a mammoth bird now. If it’s harder to kill them you will lose 4-5 from a small group without a perfect times ability. True it’s a different issue however it is connected.


Not at all. The point I was trying to make, is that a Stage 1 Monster does not get destroyed by default.
The Monster should fight, and because the current Health and Amor pool is balanced around mitigating, there should be a buff to Stage 1. With 9.0 the mititgation is allegedly much less viable, and fighting a real alternative.
If you look at the pre-released Stats of Goliaths, there are already buffs in store for a Stage 1 Goliath.

So the change I suggested may fit right into it.


That’s Goliath alone. The last numbers I saw for behemoth,he loses a chunk of health. However you still don’t understand that Makeing it even harder to get to stage two makes one dome wonders even more likely.


I’m fine with that, I have a new hate in my life… PHANTOMS
After playing with the new Battlefy guidelines, I now hate them more.