Buff Icon Images


I’ve done google searches and a search on the forums, but it didn’t turn anything up.

Does anyone know a place where I can study the creature/buff icons? I’d like to become more familiar with the visuals so I can recognize them better.

Thanks in advance.


There’s a star that hovers above the elite creature and the elite creature also looks white-beige making them distinct.


Follow the link. It also shows the spawns per map.


Thanks! I got what I needed.


Perhaps you know the answer to this question. Does the spotter buff expose the monster to hunters if they have it? On this diagram it says “wildlife” specifically.


I’m pretty sure it does, I remember seeing hiding mons in my gameplay, and once in a vid on youtube


It does indeed. They’ll be a big glowing red monster as long as you’re close enough to see it. The buff doesn’t spread super far, but it’s a nice little thing, especially for trappers.


Cool. Thanks, everyone. I ask because I was discussing this highlight vid I did where a Torvald and a slim were right above me and never saw me. Someone on Reddit pointed out that they did see me and had the spotter buff. But I cannot figure out why they never attacked me. Unless it doesn’t go through walls/collision like other tracking, Then they should have seen me. I don’t know.

you can see it here if you’re curious


They may have been waiting for the Trapper. There have been plenty of times my Teammates are pursuing, I break away to cut off and then I hear, “He’s over here trying to hide in the bushes”. They pretend to be looking for him while I swoop in and pop a dome.


The trapper was close though. All four of them were together and looped back. Not to mention, it is aviary, it doesn’t take more than a heartbeat to get back to the middle, imo.

Who knows. :slight_smile:


Lol then they could have been waiting for the dome to recharge, or they were newbies. Yeah leaning toward newbies…