Buff icon does not always show up for monster


Sometimes it does but too often I’m finding that I’ll eat something and then suddenly, buff! Whether I’m sniffing wildlife that are on the other side of an obstacle or looking right at them it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

So unless I’ve missed some update about the buffs is this something the devs are aware of?


I’ve had this happen a bunch with me as well. I know that if your map is open you can’t see it. The best thing I can say until it’s fixed is to lean on noticing the Albino skins as opposed to the buff. Also, if you suspect a buff nearby, just open and close the map a couple times quickly and it might pop up.


Ah ok thanks, I’ll try that out. I do have the map on screen reasonably often for some maps that I’m still learning so maybe it is messing with things. I doubt it is but I get a little bit of flickering with the SLI drivers and briefly considered that being a possible culprit.