Buff griffin


I have been playing griffin a lot and I’ve noticed that he can’t take a lot of punishment his slowing weapon traps him in a situation were the monster knows exactly were he is and where he can be easily attacked but he is to fragile to put it to good use unless he could hit from long distances his sound spikes are good I think his trapping weapon should have a repulsing effect that keeps the monster away or griffin needs more health his machine gun needs more range he just needs a buff for him to be an effective and not underpowered hunter tell me your ideas to make griffin less weak


they r buffing his sound spikes ty fam


His sound spikes are his only weak point. And that’s getting fixed. No trapper can take alot of punishment. Or support, for that matter. the only ones who can are medics (especially Caira), and more obviously the assaults, thanks to shields. You’re not meant to be soloing the monster. Your teammates are supposed to be watching your back.


Guys common… Griffins weakness is definitely in the defensive department. He is the only trapper that has no means to defend himself AT ALL. If the monster comes at you the harpoon doesn’t work. Maggies still do and abes slow works. Just the way it is.

So he has a point but I don’t think he should have more HP, because all chars have the same - no reason to break that rule. Also as a monster you always know where griffin is, harpoon or not.


Little defensive for himself is true, but I run damage resistance, so I never see a problem. I become a small mini assault who takes some hits and if you turn back on me harpoon ya.


Maggie’s harpoon traps have a significant set-up time, and even if you they do manage to go up while the monster is charging you they’re just going to harpoon him in the face from where he can easily break 'em. The only trapper who has any actual " self-defense " would be abe, and even that’s a maybe because the slow is practically nothing when you take traversals/abilities that move the monster into account. You don’t need a survivability buff, you need better jetpack usage and a more competent team. If the monster is barelling towards you, whip out the SMG, hit those weakspots and hope that your team is taking steps to keep you alive.


Hes not suppose to be offensive, the support and assault are suppose to be the heavy hitters. Griffin is more useful if your fighting a monster, it starts to run, and you need to slow him down.


As a Maggie you always have a trap that will cover you from the side, if not that is on you. You can always have one that will cover you shortly.

I am not arguing the balance. I think that Griffin is the best overall trapper, but saying his only downside is the soundspikes/stealth play is short sighted.


Griffin is going to pull massive aggro because of the Harpoon. NO ONE likes their movement restricted. It is one thing to not be able to hurt someone (Hanks shield), It’s a whole nother thing to feel like you cant MOVE. So once you do it, youll get a characteristic look from the monster for a bit.

When this happens… it is nice to have a hank and a val/caira


They are not buffing them enough to make him viable. If the monster is running around in the sound spike their location/movement should be seen at all times on the mini-map while they are in it’s radius. (Is it already like that? If so, I need to pay more attention)


It is, unless it is sneaking. And now there’s a 15m radius where they detect sneaking monsters.


Actually, he’s the only Hunter, out of all twelve, without any defensive measures. Assaults have shields and powerful weapons as well as mines/toxics, Supports have cloaks and powerful weapons/turrets/barrages, Medics have healburst and tranqs/cloak/speed and self-healing, and Maggie and Abe can put Stasis Nades or poon traps behind them to slow the Monster down. Griffin? Nope.

It is. I main Griffin, and he’s already extremely good. The buff will make him even better.


Well you are technically right but I wouldn’t compare him to slots he can never fill. If griffin was attributed to the assault class he would have a shield aswell :smiley:


…Griffin as an Assault…Crocodile Dundee meets Terminator.


Best overall trapper? Please. If he was the best he would not be the only trapper getting a buff. His Harpoon gun is awesome but overall he is the 3rd choice. Until the balance anyways.


He might not be a good pubtrapper, that doesn’t mean he is the weakest. He is still the best, which doesn’t imply that every beginner can handle him.

See TRS loves their numbers and grand averages and singles out lvl 35-40 brackets and stuff like that, but end of the day level is meaningless only skill & understanding game mechanics are important. If you aquire those you will understand why Griffin is the best although he is getting buffed.


He’s the third choice because people hate him- they think his CC and detection methods are weak, because they’re hard to use. Sound Spikes require good set up and optimum placement and the Harpoon Gun needs a good aim. People try him, fail, and get put off. @Pappus I wouldn’t say best- all three are really pretty much equal in terms of efficiency, regardless of what’s being buffed- but he is by far my favorite for a lot of reasons.


Yeah some trapper are more equal than others :wink:

I mean there is no harm in disagreeing here, but he outshines the other hunters for me massively. Best doming power against any monster, instant peel, very solid damage, climb deny. Maggie/Abe cannot compete for obvious reasons.

The tracking dart only disables double backing, which doesn’t matter if the enemy manages to pass you through sheer velocity and then goes for distance. You will see where he evolves and it still won’t really matter.

Maggie denies stealthplay that is of dubious power at the moment anyway. I still think high speed feeding is the way to go to hit stage 2 after a single dome/doming chance to even the odds is a powerful way of playing. I personally don’t want hunters to have time to clear a lot of buffs from the map so I rather be level 2, grab one and go for strikes then sneaking around 5 minutes feeding slowly and having no buffs at all, while the hunters meanwhile got the best.

I mean having 40-50% evolve bar while the hunters land is common, if you are lucky with angry mammoth birds and a 4 meat wildlife you can almost be finished as they start running then you can almost evolve right there. Griffin can’t prevent that either then, but at least he can put a serious damper on standard fast feeding techniques/routes.


I agree- but then we get somebody else coming in saying Maggie has the best tracking, which is true, and Abe can constantly put pressure on a Monster, which is also true. They all have strengths and weaknesses which appeal to each of us differently.


I love his harpoon gun but I never use him because when I play Monster he never finds me. My roommate uses Griff exclusively and a lot of the time I have to find the Monster on my own. I think really good Monsters have a much easier time with him than Maggie. Not saying that he cannot be good, just saying that I have never fought a Griffin that made me sweat. I am excited for his spike buff.