Buff Daisy's Flamethrower


Do it.
For the glory of Satan!


Make it do Hyde levels of damage:D


No! Make Hyde’s flamethrower pale in comparison!



Hank and Maggie Variations Revealed (Maggie released now!)

Wait, Wasteland Maggie’s out!?


How did you guys get to play her?


No. He probably got her in Customs.


Could be same as Met Gol. Although MacMan said that shouldn’t be able to happen.


Wow… I just read a whole thread saying they are able to pick her AND hank…

Its time to get on Evolve


It was a bug on Steam/2K’s end and already resolved. Sorry man.

But seriously though, give Daisy some more damage.


There were like four threads about their sudden unlock :smiley: and even footage here:


Yeah I managed to get footage :slight_smile:


They are still playing them, in the thread @TaliZ posted, they are still playing them.


The only proper balance for Combat Daisy is for her flame thrower to BURN THE MONSTER TO ASH, MELT THE TERRAIN TO SLAG, AND RENDER THE WORLD A SMOULDERING RUIN!

*cough * Or not, less fire is fine too.


I love how everyone sees Emet and the community has a collective… meh reaction

Then Maggie and Hank accidentally leak we be like


Just FYI for anyone else seeing this from here onwards,

Sgt Hank and Wasteland Maggie were unlocked due to a goof-up. They should be locked again. Hank will be released December 24th. Maggie has no planned release date at current.


whew I got seriously pissed thinking this thread was SERIOUS!..it’s not, RIGHT!?


Buff it to oblivion.