Bucket's UAV head can't fly over certain objects



On some maps, there are various rock formations and buildings that Bucket’s head just will not fly over.

Why is the UAV’s movement not entirely free, within the bounds of the map? It seems to be tied to the ground, or something weird. At certain times the UAV will not descend at all either.

All in all, not having completely free control is frustrating, breaks any immersion I had and is generally pretty poor for gameplay. If it’s for ‘UAV flying outside the map’ reasons (too high), surely it could just have a countdown timer, like when you’re a Hunter and you manage it (but shorter, i.e. ~3 seconds, to prevent abuse).

Essentially: Bucket’s altitude control should be just as free as its movement in the other two dimensions.


Yes, the UAV feels really clunky. I don’t like it. :confused:


Yep. There is no indication of what terrain you can fly over or when you will hit the arbitrary ceiling for the UAV. It’s also very loose in the way it controls. As in, it drifts a lot. I get that flying something like that in real life would drift around if you tried to stop and go in another direction, but in the game it feels like a superfluous handicap. Video game logic says the UAV should be able to stop on a dime and change direction easily.


That’s the main reason I avoid Bucket. I love his rockets and sentries- they’re ridiculously powerful- but the UAV just doesn’t cut it.


Yes! This needs fixed. You should have more control over the uav. It’s crazy how crappie it is to fly that thing.


The fact that my altitude is dependent upon the ground below me as if my head was some kind of hovercar is extremely frustrating. Moving the head around is like drifting a car and when you bump into something, bam you fly back for a while. Not to mention if you manage to find the monster it takes quite a while for the UAV to tag and often stops mid tag even though the monster is completely in view and in the circle.

It is a frustrating head.


I think the reason it’s somewhat tied to the ground is to balance it.

Imagine if you were able to take it as high as you want and you could view the entire map up high. Tagging/finding the monster would be easy-mode this way.

That being said, it does control a bit clunky because of this.


The UAV just for some reason doesn’t want to ascent or descent for me. It will try but then stop because “deal with it”. Really annoying at times lol Oh well, at least his personality and turrents still make me love him <3


Which is why I suggest a similar thing to when the Hunters leave the territory, except briefer, instead. Or just a higher capped ceiling in places would do it, but give us freedom of movement in the z-exis please!

Also, I’m fine with how slow it is to stop and turn; it makes sense that it has momentum which can’t be cancelled out instantaneously.

Losing your tag whilst the monster is still visible is annoying, and should be fixed, but it’s not quite as bad as when you can’t reach it because somebody has deemed a ceiling to be lower than the obstacle in front of you.