Bucket's UAV Broken? [X1]


Since the latest patch, whenever I use Bucket’s UAV (which granted isn’t all that much but it does have some situational usage) the controls for it are all screwed up. I believe this is a new occurrence since the latest patch.

On xbox, it was always the triggers to ascend and descend. And B to abort and crash the UAV. Now, whenever I use it, I cannot ascend as that has been tethered to the right shoulder button (RB as it were). Now, ordinarily, all I would have to do is learn to get used to having the button rebound, in this particular instance, however, the “abort” function is also bound to RB.

So when I try to go up, in an effort to navigate the map successfully, I crash… :flushed:

I think this might just be me though because I was doing some quickplay matches the other day and someone picked Bucket and they were flying his head around like normal.

I tried him a few different times, in a few different lobbies and the problem seems to be persistent.

Is this just me? Anyone else have this happen to them? If this is a known issue, is it logged by any chance?


Do you have any video?


I have a screenshot but I could probably get a video pretty easily if need be.

As you can see, by the controls on the right side, the “abort” and “ascend” commands are the same button.


Did you change your controller mapping at all?


When I play Slim, I remap the RB to the LB. But I switch it back for everyone else. But that wouldn’t explain why two commands are bound to the same key. And why B got bound to RB.

Like I said, I don’t use his UAV all that much (or even him for that matter), but it is noticeable as it renders one his abilities (which does have situational usage in my opinion) utterly unusable.


I have this exact same problem but on PS4 and its my descend button has been remapped to O and that is also the abort button.