Bucket's UAV and what you hear


I’ve noticed that when I’m flying the UAV, the sounds I hear are based around Bucket’s body location. In other words, I hear from his body and not from the UAV.

Is this working as intended? It seems counterintuitive. I’m thinking that I’m closing in on the monster following the sounds of its footsteps, only to realize that I’ve been following an audio ghost and the UAV is way off in the corner of the map and the monster is right near my body.

I could see how it would be useful to know when the body is in danger, but I’d rather hear from the UAV instead. Bigger risk, bigger reward. If the body starts taking damage, you’ll know immediately anyway.


@MacMan @MrStrategio one of you should know whether this is intentional or not.

It’s very interesting to know this either way.


Not intended, but that’s the way that it works. Hopefully we can fix it in a future update.


Thanks for letting us know.
Seemed weird.


I don’t play bucket but you could add somemore hillarious bucket dialogue for when your body is taking damage during UAV to make up for fixing the audio.

As I said I don’t play bucket so I have no idea if he already does have quotes like this.