Bucket's UAV ability


I thought that Bucket’s ability to tag a sneaking monster was a bit much. I rarely play as the monster, but being able to tag a sneaking monster seems to be unfair. If I’m not mistaken, Bucket was not able to tag a sneaking monster in the Beta, so I guess they added this ability afterwards. I am aware that you could still hover around the monster and tell your teammates that he is there, but it doesn’t allow Bucket’s body to continuously catch up and redeploy the UAV. I was wondering what other people thought about this.


Sneaking shouldn’t effect a tag. For Sound Spikes, sure, you barely make any noise. But for Bucket, why would you not be able to tag a sneaking monster?


Okay I’ll just tell my team “He’s where my head is at” and you’ll have no idea what’s happening when you get domed out of no where. Really though before you come on here and start complaining. Play both sides of this interaction. The only monster who has difficulty at killing the UAV is Wraith.


I hate my teammate when he rips his head off and flys around because he’s at spawn I trap it and theirs no support he’s flying his head around


Given the drunken style of control, the fact that you still need to be “tracking” a monster just like someone on foot, and the liability of your body (I always lay down a few turrets before going UAV) standing there waiting to be pounced while your team is moving around I’d say the UAV and its tag ability are in no way unbalanced.


Instead of wasting the time with turrets just use your ears, and get to a high location so wildlife won’t knock you off.


Yeah, I’m over-cautious when I do it. I tend to prefer to just track on foot anyway and usually only use the UAV in narrow circumstances… I tend to play Cabot. :slight_smile:


This isn’t a complaint. I was just wondering if anyone else thought it may be an unfair tracking advantage.

First of all, you can do that anyway. Second, you have an audio warning that the UAV is near. it would be hard to “dome a monster out of nowhere” if the monster is paying attention.


Most pug monster players don’t pay attention. They are used to going against terrible players, and thus start playing equally as terribly. I’m just saying that Bucket is the direct counter for sneaking monsters. Without him the strat would be extremely strong.


I see your point, but the UAV is notably faster and way more maneuverable than the hunter itself. Also, if done correctly, there should be little risk to the actual hunter.


Whenever i play bucket i get to a highpoint in the map on a really thin rock formation, then i proceed to take off my head and look for the monster.


I see. I just feel unbalanced when we run an Abe/Bucket combo and the monster doesn’t have much of a chance of getting away.


They can track with ease, but have a difficult time in combat. Bucket and Abe trade a lot of Combat stats for tracking abilities.


Yeah, alright. We’ve had success with the turrets and slowing grenades, but I can see Hank and Cabot being more effective in the dome.


if you see they have a bucket. make a huge circle. chances are bucket is sitting alone. even if he has turrets around him when u hit him if hes not listening he wont no.