Bucket's Turrets


I’ve been wondering a couple questions about bucket’s turrets and I’m not sure if it’s already been answered or if people may have noticed from gameplay videos. I was wondering if his turrets were

A.) Timed
B.) Can be destroyed by the monster
C.) Like Maggie’s harpoon traps will begin disappearing after you’ve placed like the 6th one if there can only be 5 max


B and C yes, A I dont know


Like Trey says, B and C are correct, they dissappear after another one is placed after five are set and can be destroyed by the Monster. :slight_smile:


Yes on B and C but the turrents will stay in place until replaced by a 6th turret. This allows Bucket to place down a turret or two at the generator so that if the monster beats them to the generator he can’t destroy it and also lets him put them in strategic places like in the dam he could place them in the river area.


An interesting thing to know is that you can see the field of vision of the turrets as the Monster, they are represented as a red-tinted cone-
I’ll see if I can find the video showing this…


A. No, they are activated when the monster is in range


Pro-tip: They won’t target you if you sneak into their trigger radius. :wink:


Innnnnnteresting. Thanks both of you


Sneak is a mechanic that needs to be explained to new players, perhaps as an intro tip if it’s not already. Very useful, but I have a feeling many new people will only think of it in terms of hiding from hunters.


Yeah, it’s interesting. We can teach it to new players (and we do in the game’s tutorial) but at the end of the day, it’s not something you typically do as a new player. It’s something you start messing around with after you’ve put 10-20 hours into the monster. Even then, there are players here who have been playing for years who don’t ever use it because it just doesn’t suit their play style. And others who use it every round without fail. :smile:


By tutorial do you mean the same thing we’ve been seeing play in front of some of the gameplay videos on youtube? See 1:38 here for what I mean. Because neither the Kraken or Goliath version mention sneaking or sneak attacks.


Nope. In the shipping game, there is a proper tutorial.


Ahh, I wondered if that might be the case. Would explain why so many of those youtubers don’t even seem to know the ability exists.


No joke. In the Alpha I would tell people playing as the monster to sneak more. Several times they asked me “How do I do that?”