Bucket's turrets and the poison buff


I used the search function and couldn’t find anything. So… does the “bullets poison the monster” buff work with Bucket’s turrets?


I’m not 100% sure but I believe that even though the buff says bullets it actually affects any damage but once again I’m not 100% sure.


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I want to Know as well


My group has been unclear on this as well. I’m about 95% sure that “bullets slow” and “bullets poison” both affect Bucket’s turrets, because I was in a fight where we had “bullets slow” that was just brutal for the Kraken.

The player we generally consider most knowledgeable about the game seemed to think that Bucket’s turrets were a yes, but his missiles, Markov’s lightning, Hyde’s flames, and Parnell’s rockets were a no. We’re up in the air on Hank’s lasers.


It works and it’s better then sloth.


Are we onto something? Maybe Bucket is OP afterall? We cannot wait for the results!1 It’s all about outside the box.


UPDATE : I tried it out with a friend in a custom match. Turns out that the buff does NOT work with Bucket’s turrets.


Bummer… good effort for testing, so Bucket is still shit, good to know.


Maybe is it a bug ?..
I mean… Normally they’d refer to “bullet” by everything weapon that would benefit from a weak spot , isn’t it ?


dunno about buckets turrents but maggies harpoontraps get it.


Really? Must have been some one else applying poison or something. Totally lame, hope they fix it.


Not sure if you’re serious, but, like every character, in The Right Hands, Bucket’s a boss.


No it does not. Confirmed by gentlemansquirrel on stream. It used to, but they took it out because it was way too overpowered.

Edit: I was wrong! Poison buff on Turrets works! Experienced it on PC in my first Behemoth game.


And yet steamadon buff exists. Such sillyness.


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Bucket is awesome! Just take the damage increase perk and melt monsters. If you team him with Maggie then good luck to the monster.


I live u for that


Do u know if damage reduction works on his turrets. Also, the same with health gen, although I don’t think the health gen will work