Bucket's challenge skin


Did anyone receive their bucket skin yet ? I didn’t get mine yet:


They gave us the wrong skin.


Wrong skin ? What did you get ?


They gave us the Leviathan skin.


I’ve had that one. So basically I got nothing


Pretty much. They will most likely fix it later on.


Meh. No worries. It just sucks lol


On PC i get the proper “predator” skin!


Nice to know, thanks.
Yup, they replaced the skin with the new one.


I actually play Bucket quite frequently in my team. I can see how he is not appealing to pugs, but when a team coordinates around the death zone you set up, he can be a real pain.

On topic, I still haven’t gotten any skin for my Bucket, Leviathan or Predator. I wish this skin stuff was not so buggy.


I actually use him often enough as well.


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