Bucket Willl Destroy Human Civilization!


Bucket will take over the galaxy as we know it. Confused? That’s what Bucket wants. Bucket wants you to think he is just helping out the hunters because of his programming; but secretly he is planning the demise of all of humanity! How? Just read a little more. First of all, Bucket isn’t the robot, just to clear that up. Bucket is a computer that contols the ship that takes the hunters to the drop-zone and can take control of a maintenance drone. So all Bucket has to do to start his plan is to take control of some robots and take them into a military base saying that they are there to preform some emergency repairs. Since Bucket is a robot he could simply have a robot hack into the main computers in the base and blow up the base. Bucket just has to do this several times with no witnesses and he will lower the human’s defences. Then to get rid of the hunters he helps he just has to crash the ship several times and that’s all the hunters out of the way. Then he comes the worst part. Bucket could hack into almost anything. Planes, cars, spaceships, computers, and anything hat connects to the internet (or whatever the people of the future use). Bucket can then go Terminator style and mass produce drones to finish off humanity. All while playing the buegal sound that he made in this video. Bucket Buegal Hunt So why would Bucket do this? As Hal 9000 would say.

Beware Slinky Guy, I’m watching you. I hope you guys liked this, I wanted to do this for a few laughs. Also what would you devs think if Bucket did take over the galaxy? Spin-off game detected.


I read that Asimov or was it PK Dick…



That would be insane lol.


Honestly, we just need to wait until Bucket detaches his head and leaves his body vulnerable and then shoot him right in the robot guts.


What if there is an army of thousands if not millions of Bucket drones? What if the drone heads drop bombs on people? What if the buckets explode when they are shot! WHAT IF!


Second countermeasure: Everyone select Hank and then there can’t be any buckets.


I like the way you think. Replace all the killer robots with harmless, kindhearted hillbillies. :smiley:


I agree, Lets get rid of Bucket! Everyone allready knows who’s the real support anyways.


We’re talking about @SlinkyGuy right? Cause whenever I think of bucket, he always pops into my head.


But what about the first rule of robotics??!!


We’re humans. We’d be too lazy to actually program those rules after a few hundred years of making robots.


Nah its all good guys dont worry! We will just upload me into an ai like they did in the movie Transcendence and I will prevent the spread of Bucket!


Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice!



Aw, you guys are big meanies! :frowning:


No, the Megamouth that just ate Hyde is a Meanie.

These are just overly paranoid conspiracy nuts.


We obviously need a Sea Lion Monster to take Bucket out.


This is an outrage, bucket is a British robot. He wouldn’t fly (other than Kraken, he’s an exception). Though I’m aware that I do play the evil side in the inFamous series so I know what to do if everyone starts to attacking me :stuck_out_tongue:. You with me @SlinkyGuy!


Bucket is a Yudkowsky Thought Box, which means he’s behaviorally stable! He’d only hurt you if you were really bad.


It’s too late, he’s already performing concerts…