Bucket why?


why do people still play bucket?
i mean what is his super power, isn’t it safe to say that he sort of falls short in the support line up?


Because he’s cute and cuddly and Bucket is life DONT BE MEAN


He may fall short in the support line up but he is still a very fun character to use and I believe he will get some love from devs soon :bucket_cute:

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He’s da best. Robot master race.

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no sure i like the tin man too

but his rockets don’t do nearly as mich damage as mini nukes and cabot’s dust tagging is a bit easier to use than bucket’s flying head

he’s got deployables i’ll give him that, but they don’t last a bit even when five are clustered together it takes two swings from behemoth and there they blow


you’re gonna have to make a lot more sense than that

no i get it i won’t be mean, just asking

if you play bucket and get good results, respect


Because he’s fun? Why else would you play a game?

He is a very fun character, as well as having some of the best VO I’ve heard in a game. He’s funny, charming and a blast to play. He is, admittedly, the weakest Support in the lineup- NO contest whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t fun.

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That’s why you don’t place them close together. :wink:
The UAV is way better than the dust tag IMO.
Aaaand… he’s like a 2nd assault. :slight_smile:

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I believe somebody should make an official topic about this and merge the other Bucket threads like these:

Just like Mountain did with the Kraken threads, is a little tiresome seeing the same arguments over and over :sweat_smile:
Just a little suggestion :smile:

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a) if you don’t their damage output isn’t really impressive

b) yeah i think you got a point there, he can sort of make up a little for when your assault is having a vacation from it all.


Depends on how well you place your turrets. In any case, if you play Assault and you don’t trust someone enough with bucket, then take Torvald. His shrapnel grenades work really well with @Sentry_Gun.

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i thought Torvald’s damage amp markers coming from shrap grenades count exclusively towards his own shotgun?

i’ve never heard that bling sound when anyone else shoots his dmg markers, so i guess that counts for bucket’s turrets as well?


He’s been long overdue for serious tweaks since launch.


Yeah, I know, Macman did say that they wanted to focus first on other controversial characters like Sunny and Torvald and I just hope they bring some changes for him in the next title update, if not, I will respectfully riot :smile: lol


I’m going to go and do that now, actually. Excellent idea.

EDT: @Buckets_Sentry_Gun We already have a Bucket thread actually, pinned in the Support category. I’ll merge the other threads with it.

EDIT 2: Nevermind, we don’t. >.>


uhm , did you say that torvald’s damage multipliers are viable for all hunters and not only his own shotgun?

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