[Bucket] When do you UAV?


Recently i enjoy me quite some Bucket, he is funny to play and the sentry guns with it new range is something i wanna test out. One thing is the UAV which uses up valueable equipment points, because it can be a very useful tool. So the dmg of his weaponary is weaker compared to the other Supports, thus making him an undesirable, at least in ‘high society’

So UAV can be very useful, it’s basically a better version of the tracking dart, with the downside that Bucket is left behind so only 3 hunters are actively hunting at that moment. Also i feel that i have wasted valueable time when i go into the completely wrong direction, due my lack of inandout map knowledge, or my teammates find him earlier than me, those are the times where i hate the UAV.

Mostly i use it on Stage 3 monster to know exactly where the attack is coming from.

Or right when we drop down from the ship.

Or when dome ends.

So guys, when do you UAV?


Before dome ends or when the trail goes cold. Also when birds go off 180+ m occasionally at drops hip start.

Uav is best with range allowing for your trapper to effectively cut off the monster. At stage 3 I feel like it’s pretty useless.

Bucket has such high dps that he could shred a stage 1 so finding the stage 1 is where he matters most


Always, unless I’m like 200 meters away from my team.
The UAV cooldown is shorter than the tag last, so you can keep a monster permanently tagged if you do it right.


in ai bot matches to get mastery.

otherwise never. not with crow, val, any trapper really in the mix. they can do the job just fine.


At the end of a dome. Otherwise it depends on the situation. If i can see that using it wont put me miles away from my teammates or im in a central location ill use it. But only if we have 0 idea where the monster is.


So, as long as I’m central I try to UAV as early as possible. If the birds have already been heard then I’ll ignore that impulse and just move with the group, but even with a Maggie on the team it really pays to get that early tracking dart in.

After that I try to stay central on the map keeping in line with the monster and UAV again after about 40-50 seconds have passed to try to keep the tracking constant. TBH I don’t usually need to do this if we have a good trapper, but on pubs I’ll need to do this several times while pleading with the trapper to come through the middle of the map instead of chasing the monster’s trail.

The most important UAV for me though is the 5-10 seconds of dome left UAV. Super quick and easy to pull off and means you aren’t going to be left lagging behind as you chase the monster as a team.

I tend to take reload speed, UAV’s can be popped out very regularly if needed (plus the rocket launcher doesn’t feel so bad and cloak comes back faster, win win).

The key though is to either UAV when you aren’t that far from the monster so you can do it quick, or to remain central to the area a monster is operating in (for example not in the center in aviary, but outside the tunnels so you can move quickly towards wherever the hunters will need you in about 100 meters distance).

The whole “bucket gets left behind” thing is a bit of a false disadvantage since he offers nothing that will help someone (other than perhaps cloak) in those first 5-10 seconds of the dome if he’s there, aside from damage. Coming in from nowhere with a cloak can be surprisingly effective at disorientating the monster too.

but I was just in a game where the Kraken was pretty much constantly tracked and it mean it evolved very late to stage 2. Not everything has to be about shields and damage amplification :wink:


I do it right after drop. After the dome I try to look for the monster but only if we lose him. The right way to do it is have it ready when the dome falls.

It’s really fun, I hope people value that ability because it helps a lot with tracking.


When I drop as soon as the match starts I usually send a UAV. Sometimes you will get lucky and the monster will trigger birds. Often leading to an early UAV tag.

I also deploy it right as the dome is coming down if he is trying to take off.

Occasionally I will send one out if we have no idea where the monster is, but after domes and the start of match is the best time IMO