Bucket weekend and only krakens? my team helps!


hey com.
this weekend is all about our fav robot bucket but as many can see the filthy monsters ( sorry guys love you <3 ) try to abuse this by mainly using kraken. and yes it is true. my team and i played about 40 rounds the last 2 days and we are fighting 90% kraken. so i called my best buddies to fight against it!
so as we now almost every game we play is against a kraken we choose to take the best hunters against the monster to take him by surprise and punish him for fighting our sweet sweet buckets. currently we are counting 27 wins against no loss with our team and we hope that we can punish them so hard that they lose the fun and try other monsters so YOU guys can fight as good as you can.

i know its only a small amount we can punish but we try our best! gl hf fun buckets :smiley:


how is it even possible to lose vs bucket as a good monster player lol


thats the point we punish these players for counterpicking bucket by not picking ans picking a good team against kraken :slight_smile:


My Kraken is undefeated since beta, come at me with your team BRO.


dps race
15% damage perk does a surprising amount of damage