Bucket Weekend and a Suggestion to Tweak Bucket


I really like Bucket, but I don’t like the UAV that much. I think a cool little tweak would be while in the UAV mode you could get a boost by holding right click making it fly faster but drain battery faster, allowing you to get a bead on the monster more quickly so you can get yourself back in the action. Also it’s still pretty clunky with the up and down movement and crashing into stuff, my go down button “C” never seems to work with it, so any improvements to that would be great.


UAV should be used when you can’t find the monster. Most people use it too often imo.


Though any good hunter team can remove bucket and trade them for any other support when the trapper is actually good. This is why bucket is bad. UAV is the only support skill that cannot be used in combat. It’s a nice gadget same as the dust tag. They aren’t “bad” bad, but i’d trade it for any one of hank or sunny’s skills any time.


exactly. so why use it lol. when i play bucket i never use it unless the trail is cold or im at a good choke point where i can catch up before the dome goes down cuz the monster can only go two ways.

the same way i dont use mines when fighting kraken. its pointless .


So the thing that bugs me a tad… Is that they’re giving away the entire support predator skins. When Sunny’s predator skin is the only Sunny skin out for purchase, so I’ve already bought it. Now it’s going to be free in an event? I feel a bit cheated Turtle Rock, I love collecting all the skins, but that’s because I didn’t think the STORE skins would ever be FREE. I figured that’s why they were in the store. . . @MacMan was this intentional or a slip up?


What if Bucket could tag without launching the Uav, by equipping it giving him the same aim and distance restrictions, allowing him to tag the monster while running, thus allowing the skill to be used on the move like dust tag.


even with a good trapper, the monster can still out run and evade capture with enough skill.


sunny’s predator skin is out?


Its good when Abe is trapper


give bucket a shield, throws 2 cents at bucket


i do feel u guys might be putting too much emphasis on good trappers being able to get the monster in time


Yep, I thought the same thing, but I refrained from buying any predator skins because I figured they would be offered in events like this. Glad I waited, but I still think it’s dumb they’re up for sale.


The UAV is kind of lacking, id say its battery life should be reduced and speed increased.

Another good suggestion ive seen is that tagging the monster makes turrets more accurate and/or makes the missile launcher autoaim/do more damage.


I have it on my ps4, it was in the store the same day tier 4 dropped. It is just a yellow and blue camo weapon skin. But it bums me out I bought it when it’s going to be free soon.


It’d be nice if I could hear with the UAV. I mean the ears on in the head right?


its not in the xbox store XC


I’ve thought the same thing. What’s frustrating is you’ll hear what’s around your immobile body.


Good point! That’s another thing I’d really like for the UAV. I think all these little improvements combined would really help more people enjoy Bucket and make Bucket feel more useful.


Bucket and Crow make a good team, Stasis gun + Sentry Guns in combat are really effective. Gobi and UAV make the monster easily seen as well, considering Gobi only gives a brief highlight of the monster.