Bucket UAV


seems like a nice idea… but why cant i target monsters who duck? like on open field… i still can see it without problem, i should be able to mark it.
another thing… the sound should come from the uav perspective, not the robot left behind. does he not take his ears with him?


True, sometimes I’m unable to tag the Monster for some reason. But at least we can still pinpoint it out if all else fails!


sorry… it was not well written. you can not mark monsters in stealth, that means if you see the monster and it sees your uav, it just presses “duck” and it is “hidden” from getting marked. thats not really how it should work.


No I understood what you meant completely! :smile:

I’m just saying if all else fails, you can still be able to pinpoint it!


This is good information to know as a moster player :smiley:


I don’t know why, but sometimes the tagging just refuses to work.
Or it goes to 40%, then erases all progress, then refuses to restart, or sometimes it will restart after maybe like 10 seconds.

Thank goodness you can still ping the monster, but obviously the tag is what I really want out of the UAV.


Yeah I know! It’s really odd, I don’t know why that happens either but you’re right, at least we can still ping the monster!


people? read! when the monster DUCKS it happens.


Personally, I feel like pinging is way more useful. The monster Knows when its been tagged. If you far enough away that it can’t hear the UAV, it has no idea when its being pinged.


Oh, it does? I didn’t know that! Probably because I haven’t been tagged yet but of course YOU do when I kept doing it that one time. xD


From my experience this issue only happens with the Goliath in stealth, so it’s likely a bug.

There is also a bug that allows you to tag the monster even when there is no line of sight lol.


Slinky, I have currently noticed that a player is entirely unable to spot the monster with the UAV if it is sneaking. Also the UAV can sometimes be a bit unstable and laggy as well as having difficulty ascending rock faces or other vertical obstacles.


Yes, but pinging effectively removes a 4th hunter from the fight. With the UAV’s track, you can quickly press 3 (or the console equivalent) and then dash to catch up to everyone. When being forced to constantly ping, you’re useless to everyone else while they run too catch him.