Bucket UAV TO


Cabot can dust tag the monster in the run

Kala can setup the gates in the run

Bucket has to stop to use the UAV

Do you know what is wrong ?

What if bucket doesn’t have to stop to locate the monster like Cabot / kala ?

My team ask me not to use the UAV because it will stop bucket … they say it will take away/cost 40%+ of bucket damage inside the doom

Bucket takes time to follow his teammate

Let’s cut to it : once bucket UAV is used … Bucket turns to AI and follow his teammate until the UAV is destroyed / did the job

Bucket is a machine … he can create another head while using his UAV Head …

Draw back : bucket AI can be swallowed in Mega Mouth lol if his teammate didn’t know what to do

Solution : make AI better against wildlife

Second suggestion :

Make UAV travel faster so bucket doesn’t have to take long time to locate the monster / faster to catch up with his team … to reduce the cost of using UAV

Third suggestion :

Make UAV as an AI … player can control where the head can go by using his pings

Player : go north my head … then go east … it’s like Gobi but with a better control / last longer … bucket player can see the battery on his AI UAV Head


This is the only thing I agree with.

No, I don’t want an AI to take over for me. They’re not… the smartest at times you know.


What if you could set a directional course for the UAV then swap between controlling bucket and the UAV at will?


First, no, ai won’t be implemented for this, they tested it in pre-release builds and it didn’t work, there is also a dropship convo talking about the fact that bucket can’t move while using uav etc…

@Torvald_Stavig dude, you know what to say…


It’s funny actually, Abe and Bucket (I think it’s Abe) have that discussion, where Abe asks why Bucket can’t put his body on Auto Pilot while he’s out and about with the UAV, and bucket replied along the lines of it being extremely disorientating, and disliking coming back to his body face to face with things trying to eat him.

Ofc, the actual conversation is funny as hell, as Bucket Convos usually are, but yeah. They talk about that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ninja’d u.u


They can remove it

There are some conversations that proven wrong

Conversation is not priority … and doesn’t have any control over the game

The controller AI got improved in no where near Old version of evolve (pre release) … just like the game is different from (pre-release) … it may have more differences in 9.0

I have heard this from a wize man : Don’t let negative history to determine / control the possibility for them


This percentage can’t be proven . I challenge anyone to prove any numbers … it’s a guess . only dev can get the number

How much time on average bucket need to locate the monster on average ?

How much distance between bucket and the team once UAV is gone on average ? How much time on average does he need to enter the doom ?

On average when bucket enters the doom … how much time have been wasted after the doom placement until bucket comes in ?

How much time does he need to travel from doom entrance to monster location on average ?

How much time does bucket need to place his sentries ?

The doom is 60 seconds … it’s reasonable to say 25 - 55 % (on average) of the doom is going to be wasted if Bucket uses UAV … it may go up by small margin because of pubs

In high/med levels… they rarely use UAV because they know it will cost the team damage

In high/med levels I am sure the wasted damage is the least


Torvald is that you?


My only issue with this reasoning is that buckets UAV isn’t his issue. It is actually an amazing tool on the chase and a great tool for finding sneaking monsters. It’s just that most players are inefficient and play w/o mice and have to waste 10-13 seconds trying to tag the monster. Instead of saying “Monster spotted heading NE” and canceling the skill.

The only changes that Buckets UAV could use is to make it all around more responsive. Cause the real buffs that Bucket needs is in his damage. If UAV is your issue then it’s not being used right


I feel the UAV should be faster, a LOT faster.

And have a LOT better controls. Theyve buffed it once- But its still amazingly annoying to be thwarted by a small ledge in your flying UaV because the game doesnt want to let you simply go UP.


Of ALL of my complaints about the UAV- THIS is my biggest. There are many, MANY times where I have had the monster dead center in my HUD. aaannnnnddd.


Or theyll pass a tiny Tree, whoops- There goes my lock on. Have that happen 2-3 times and youre now 6-9+ seconds BEHIND- Which lets be honest, makes a huge difference. And this is a GOOD case scenario.

I think the player should be allowed to fire the UAVs tag like Abes tracking dart gun. The “Catch” is it only has 1 bullet, before starting a 3 second reload. This way youre rewarded for precise aiming, can be on the chase that bit faster- But if you miss, youre stuck waiting like you would be right now. And no having to deal with wonky detection issues- staring at a monster dead center in your hud with no registration. See a monster- Fire. Is it close? yay. Is it far away? No worries- Just hope youre accurate.


another suggestion, even easier to implement: while players uses the UAV, an AI takes control of the body so it keeps following the team


Its already implemented. Bucket used to do this. The devs said players found it disorienting because theyd come back to their body, or theyd get led into tyrants, or chomp plants, or…

Bucket even has an in-game conversation poking FUN at this- Stating this almost to the T.


they found disorienting come back in an another position? so emet beacon shouldn’t exist


or for example isn’t the same thing when you join an already started game?


As a bucket player, I would say the best time to only use the UAV is JUST before the dome goes down. At that point everyone just needs to stop shooting, follow the Monster until the tracking is gone before switching to cloak and going for another dome round with trapper. Rinse and repeat.


This was the original idea however was removed due to it being disorienting and unfun to find yourself in a megamouth, miles away from teammates, in a plant, etcetera.

Thus it was removed, I disagree with the implementation of this change.

The UAV isn’t entirely a tracking tool, it’s primary purpose (as of now) is to tag the Monster before a dome drops to keep tabs on it after the dome drops. A good Bucket knows this and when to use the UAV so he doesn’t fall behind, average and bad Buckets will never be in a dome on time.

I do agree with this though, it would make it more viable.

No, no, no, far to complicated and ridiculous.

In what way are these two anything alike?

Not anything like Bucket’s UAV, joining in late you can see where the bot is, what it’s doing, what’s going on, etcetera; before joining in. With this change it’s like leaving your body and coming back later with no information about what occurred between point A and point B. Bucket could be by a cliff, your jetpack has no fuel, he’s being downed by wildlife, etcetera.

It’s unfun to find yourself in these situations and so it was removed.


tbh i find the uav pretty useless at that point, i think bucket should be able to synergize with those trappers that have troubles to find the monster early at stage 1 (everyone beside maggies and sometime crow)


Then again, I dont think that Bucket was designed as a trapper sidekick in mind. Bucket, like Cabot, can track the Monster just before the dome goes down. The UAV is also interesting when dealing with Behemoth or Gorgon before going into a cave (which is usually where they lie in wait to ambush you).

Abe is the trapper that has the lowest chance of finding a monster stage 1 (if the monster hasnt left any tracks to base on), but has therefore the best synergy with Caira and Sunny. Caira because of her speed boost to go fast through a map and Sunny to jetpack boost Abe so he fast dome the Monster or track him with his tracking dart if still too far.

I do agree that a faster UAV would be good (and even better control, like being able to control how high the drone goes)